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A Poets Love Song

To Shigeaki Love Your Carol A Love Poem

Aska Poet
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japanese poet aska shigeaki miyazaki

A Poets Song of Love

I once told God that I was lost in a world for all that I desired

He drew me near

Nearer with desire

There was a sea

A reason

A blindness of my heart

Around me

Around all of us

A place

His passion

A place in which he lifted me

He was a king

That held me close

For all there was

In my desires

You may have known

Another world

Once troubled by confusion

But there wasn't a chord written

For the voice I heard

In a distance

Like an arch

There was a cloud

His mountain and his love

And there he was

Surrounding me with this passage

All around me

Around all of us

He laid his footprints in the sand

When everything about our love weighed upon my mind

I joined you to my heart

A journey that had only just begun

I couldn’t ask for you to be any closer to me than you already are

You know that you could always count on me

And when you know that it was me and only me

The one's whose heart

That made its choice of you

Your song awoke into my heart

The tears could not just drift away

Away from the reign of love

Of why I fell in love with you

When everything concerning love measures us by our hearts, we'll travel far

As for me already being,

I could not ask that it is one

To be close to me

You know that it will make me happy always

As for you

The heart that simply knows

Is a selection with all the heart

Did I why

I love

I love love from the rule of love which cannot drift!

Footprints Poem Author Carolyn Joyce Carty
footprints poem author 06072011.jpg
Footprints Poem Author ISBN 9781463540173

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