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Chage & Aska Love Songs ID

One day I was caught in a downpour As if a pool in the sky had capsized That time the rain bathed me in an Incomparable sense of deliverance Aska.

Aska id a living soul - If I take you to the river of life brother will you walk with me.


The humble beginnings from which you are born, a place to return to, it's day rained a rolling river, looking to the west when you rise, risen in the river, walking through the bridges put together by mankind, humbled by my beginnings, I walk amongst them, and I walk alone, thinking always of you and my past reflections of you and me, a stillness, a warmth, comes over me, it is a silence still that I cannot forget you. You are a tower, a tower called home, by my root the very part of me, that's holding on to you above the rest.

I am looking for what you saw in me, I picture the mother of my future, I picture the mother of my past, id. My sister marches me through the grass, holding my tiny hand in hers, now she is remembering me, how we bite the cane of life, no food for hours sometimes days, willing that I feed my brother on the street, for there should never be a hunger, like a  gapping wound  to endlessness,  a life a living soul, I feed the hungry my youth,  giving praise to my maker all the pleasantries one tires not.

I waken to the roar of the earth rumbling back calling out for me, still I stir the feelings mother nature’s calling me. I laid my life upon the ground for you, for hope, forever mankind, there is a future because I know I am so humbled by my beginnings, the sweetness of my child, the sweetness of my childhood, my child looking back at me, I hear my mother calling, id, seeing only the picture of you, the angels face whose looking back at me, and I am so humbled by my beginning.

Roads we passed, we walked those bridges, believing our strength is as great to God, and still I am walking with you, now you know you have been touched by me, that is the distant I will go for you, id, far and wide, id, a goddess is looking out for me, far and wide,  it is only her reflection that I did see and I hear your voice calling me, I towered myself in the rain, with only drops of water for few that drank for thirst. I wavered the wind to clear my mind, a tortured past I run away, I turn to the sound of the road running, whispering upon your ears, look oh look the other way, the earth cries for you, for you to turn the other ear feeling the pulse of me it's mother nature, I sense the storm, home I am, I breathe the grass and moisten air, alone the ground is rumbling, calling out your name to look into my eyes.

I see you turning round, resting, waiting out our voyage, upon the water calmed, and yet no comfort from the storm, humbled by the lost place that was made of me, id, I'm going home, looking to the east and towards the west, the sister wind, still you call my name, id, I embrace you always, an awakening it is not impossible to live your dreams.

We waken with the sunlight to see each others face, the reflection that we belong to one another, you are my sunrise, I crawl upon the ground just to be near to you, I run in satisfaction knowing I hold you near, I am working my way back home and I am humbled by you, my very beginning, the essence of me, id, counting the drops of water that once saved me, I am pouring out the storm for you, catch the water, watch it rise, I'm home, walking through the woods my brother, id, I think, far and wide, If I take you to the river of life, brother will you walk with me.


                       American Poet Carolyn Joyce Carty Copyright 2007


If I take ya to the river of life brother can you walk with me, songs by aska poems by carolyn joyce carty, humbled beginnings a new ending. Ask for song id Chage & Aska Lyrics, poem titled Aishiteru. A Japanese love poem, more songs, more music, more love.

Footprints Poem Author Carolyn Joyce Carty
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Footprints Poem Author Carolyn Joyce Carty

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