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Chage & Aska Music Videos

Chage & Aska Music Videos
The Love Story of Many Dreams
Walk Now
An American Japanese Love Story Aishiteru
Man and Woman
The Footprints of My Heart Poem
Chage & Aska Music Videos
Aska Love Songs
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Chage & Aska music videos, music entertainment, When will you believe, I want to build a garden upon the waters for us to walk upon...Chage & Aska music videos love songs the love song of many dreams Aishiteru, walk, say yes tomorrow man & woman the love story of many dreams.

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Love Forever
I will count your souls for peace in the heart of humankind
if not for ourselves for each other,
for each who shares a journey, our futures.
Life can be that simple and so can love,
will you find trust in your hearts,
learn, find it within you to be happy
to say I did my best once more
for what am I if I am not human to all.
Trust God will touch your heart
believing it within the soul.
Author Carolyn Joyce Carty 2007

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