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Man and Woman

Chage & Aska Love Song  Man & Woman

Man and Woman  (excerpt)
What I find
when I am looking for you
the lost part of me
putting pieces back together
like my heart
a tangled string
I am not willing to let you go
forever is forever
and that was our song
that we will always sing
did you give
with your heart always
to me
yes like ah lah
for me and in my life
man and woman
I saw the journey
that was written upon
the footprints in the sand
those are the footprints of our hearts
woman and man
American Poet Carolyn Joyce Carty Copyright

Man & Woman
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Man & Woman A love poem

Man & Woman

A Love Poem

Authored by Carolyn Joyce Carty

Man & Woman a Love Poem by American Poet Carolyn Joyce Carty; this book is dedicated to Matera, Italy the ancestral beginnings of American Poet Carolyn Joyce Carty.
This journal features Matera Italy, a love Poem titled Man & Woman is written in Italian & English. Matera Italy is known as one of the oldest towns in the entire world founded in the 3rd century BC. Books about Matera Italy. Features writing journals 100 page count Love Poem included.
About the author:
American Poet Carolyn Joyce Carty's family members migrated from Matera, Italy to the United States. The eloquent language of Italian was spoken often and influenced this American author at a very early age. Some of Carolyn's relatives spoke as many as 12 different languages which helped diversified this author love of other languages. Carolyn is looking forward to publishing all her poetry in all languages around the world. Although Carolyn's grandmother who migrated from Italy never learned to read or write she certainly understood the language of the heart. Carolyn Joyce Carty was the last grandchild born to James Matarese during his life. Francis Matarese lived to see five generations of her family before her passing. This book is especially dedicated to Carolyn's maternal great-grandparents Francis Matera & James Matarese. Matera Italy is known as one of the oldest towns in the entire world founded in the 3rd century BC books about Matera Italy. Carolyn is the only Footprints poem author whose work is described as anonymous at the US Copyright office.

Footprints Poem Author Carolyn Joyce Carty
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Footprints Poem Author Carolyn Joyce Carty

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